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Why do you keep losing tenders?
Did you ever think about spying devices that has been installed from your competitors maybe?!

Eavesdropping devices are usually planted in areas where highly sensitive discussions take place, such as offices and boardrooms or commercial and private vehicles. Targets extend to high risk business & personal situations, while perpetrators can range from competitors, private investigators or even disgruntled employees.

Generally speaking, the TSCM process involves an electronic bug sweep using advanced equipment such as NLJDs & thermal imagery which analyses communications like radio frequencies, GSM Devices, Wi-Fi signals, telephone taps etc. These devices will pick up any communication that's transmitting a signal. However, TSCM providers often carry out a technical sweep and overlook the physical search which is a critical part of the process.

Our Solution
A skilled technician will perform a comprehensive physical search while an information security review can be conducted as part of the process.
If you suspect you are at risk of being bugged, please contact us directly and away from the area of concern.


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What does €4500 buy from your business?

Pitch me in the comments!

As for my business - €4500 will get you;

One month of Secure Transportation service with Mercedes V class and with one private security driver (protection trained driver) on a French Riviera (excluding gas cost, with unlimited km., 8 hours per day).


One month of Residential Security service (one security guard for 8 hours per day or night, including weekend), on a French Riviera.

Your turn...

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