Terms and Conditions - Fundamental Principles

Opportunity is the Principality of Monaco's first social network and it promotes a particularly safe and friendly environment. A virtual space where one can freely share his/her own ideas, own experiences or businesses, by simply respecting simple rules. Opportunity is also engaged in the eco friendly field and ask to all the users to support this venture with the project Trees for Water.

You must be over 16 years of age to register on Opportunity and use your real first names and names.

Our users are expected to use respectful behaviour and honour the community's standards.

Community Standards

Opportunity has the right to delete potentially dangerous contents and disable accounts that don't respect the required standards. Monaco Opportunity Network retains the right to proceed, as it deems appropriate, against accounts that breach the law.

Behaviour which can be considered as invasive towards other users and taken for spam is forbidden on Opportunity. Eventual post lacking of content or inserted in a systemic manner could be deleted by Opportunity team and could generate also the closing of the account.

It is forbidden: to create accounts using names that are inappropriate or that may mislead others users. Unused accounts may be disabled and their contents removed. Use of: Opportunity or CMLS must be expressly authorized by the Monaco Opportunity Network.

Copyright and laws
It is forbidden to use Opportunity to disclose contents that do not comply with copyright laws or that could breach the Principality of Monaco's laws.

Bullying and mobbing
Cyber-bullying, mobbing and any form of harassment, direct or indirect are forbidden.

When using the platform, moral, physical, material or any sort of damage, including implicit, undetermined and indirect threats, under all applicable laws, are forbidden.

It is strictly forbidden to: exploit, acclaim, promote or disclose contents and material related to self-harm, under any form of expression or gravity and in any case intended to threaten or jeopardize one's own health and others health, whether physical or psychological.

Public figures, activities, bodies and institutions
Using Opportunity with the intention to prejudice the image of public figures, activities, bodies and institutions is forbidden.

It is forbidden to use Opportunity for fraudulent purposes, linked to the publication of contents or to the use of the platform.

Terrorism, crimes and fanaticism
It is forbidden: to promote, favour and disclose contents or material related to terrorist or criminal organisations. All fanatical or proselyte behaviours of any form are forbidden.

Crimes and offences

It is forbidden: to use Opportunity to commit, plan, favour or defend criminal actions or offences.

Pornography, sex and prostitution
It is forbidden: to publish, disclose contents which directly refer to sex or pornography or that may lead to prostitution and its exploitation. It should be noted that in case contents concern the under aged, it will immediately be reported to public security authorities.

Violence, animal cruelty and vandalism
It is forbidden: to publish or disclose violent or cruel contents, material which explicitly refers to acts of cruelty towards animals or acts of vandalism in a general way.

Content and Behaviour Reporting

Any user may ask Opportunity's Team for help, by reporting anonymously, contents and behaviours that are considered inappropriate or that do not respect our terms and conditions.

Reporting Guidelines
We principally intervene in case contents or behaviours do not respect community standards, international laws or the Principality of Monaco's laws. When reporting, it is useful to indicate the disturbing element, in order to help us better understand what one finds offending or inappropriate. Objectively, a content that does not respect our regulations, shall simply be deleted. An account which does not comply with our regulations, may receive a warning by our team, and according to the gravity, could be deactivated.

In case certain contents or behaviours are considered as inappropriate and even if they do not breach the community's standards, it will be possible to no longer view these contents on one's own personal pages thanks to certain available tools.

Advertising Regulations- Opportunity: Information on advertising contents

Forbidden contents on Opportunity:

Community standards
Posts are subject to our community standards.

Personal information and data collection
It is forbidden to promote contents that refer to or that request information concerning: biometric, genetic, financial, sexual orientation, social, political, ethical, racial, religious, philosophical, legal, penal or union data.

Products or illicit services
It is forbidden to promote illicit products, services or activities.

It is forbidden to promote contents that infringe intellectual property rights, royalties, brands, copyrights or privacy.

Under age
It is forbidden to promote dangerous or inappropriate products, services or contents that could disturb younger users.

It is forbidden to promote the sale or use of tobacco based products or related accessories.

It is forbidden to promote the sale or use of prescription or non prescription drugs.

It is forbidden to promote the sale or use of weapons, munitions, explosives or any instrument likely to harm.

It is forbidden to promote publications that contain contents that are false, misleading, fraudulent or that use ethical, social, religious or political contexts.

It is forbidden to promote the sale of hidden devices or equipment that illegally invade privacy.

Redirect link
It is forbidden to redirect users towards pages or redirect links that do not work or that contain spyware, malware or other software that could cause unforeseen things, obstacles or constraints.

Money and payments
It is forbidden to promote payday loans, cash advances or other loans intended to cover personal expenses.

Multi-level marketing, auctions and economic profits
It is forbidden to promote multi-level marketing activities or similar activities which offer rapid gains against economic investments. It is forbidden to promote auctions or any type of similar activity. Publications that promote economic profits must contain all necessary information enabling to prove the truthfulness and traceability of promoting companies and businesses.

Contents, services and adult products
It is forbidden to promote the sale or use of adult products, objects or services. Nude photos or pictures of sexual activities are forbidden. Publications related to contraception or pregnancy planning are authorised. (Publications related to contraceptive products must be reserved for adults).

It is forbidden to promote the sale or use of food supplements that are non-compliant with European standards in terms of food security. It is forbidden to promote the sale of pharmaceutical products that require a prescription. It is forbidden to publish comparative images that could generate a negative perception of individuals for commercial purposes. (Publications that promote health related products must be reserved for adults).

Restricted contents on Opportunity:
Games of chance
Promoting online games of chance or any type of game/lottery that provide the use of real money, must be explicitly authorised by Monaco Opportunity Network and must comply with the Principality of Monaco's applicable laws and regulations. (Publications that promote products related to games of chance must be reserved for adults).

The promotion of alcoholic products or that refer to such must comply with applicable local laws, licences and concessions in force and related to the product/food sector. (List of countries where it is forbidden to publish posts that promote alcoholic products or that refer to such: Afghanistan, Brunei, Bangladesh, Egypt, Gambia, Kuwait, Libya, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Dating
The promotion of online dating services must be explicitly authorised by Monaco Opportunity Network and must comply with the Principality of Monaco's applicable laws and regulations. (Publications that promote online dating must be reserved for adults).

The promotion of online pharmacies must be explicitly authorised by Monaco Opportunity Network and must comply with the Principality of Monaco's applicable laws and regulations.

The promotion of services or paying subscription products must be explicitly authorised by Monaco Opportunity Network and must comply with the Principality of Monaco's applicable laws and regulations.

Financial and insurance services
Accredited institution publications that promote financial and insurance services shall not request, at any moment, direct communication regarding personal financial information. The links or redirect pages related to such publication must contain all information regarding the offered service costs.

Monaco Opportunity Network reserves the right to modify, at any moment and without notice, the entire Advertising section and to refuse or delete publications, and with no obligation to provide detailed reasons, that are deemed not to be in accordance with the social network's politics or philosophy.

Trees for Water and Prizes - Regulations

Opportunity, is the first social network that allow its users to transform a simple virtual action to a real one. For this purpose, Opportunity has designed an algorithm which enables to reward by a determined value (Virtual Gains), for each action accomplished. Thanks to the total that one accumulates on his/her own personal profile, each user has the possibility to support the project Trees for Water or to win an award that is provided by Opportunity. Subscribing to this mechanism is entirely optional and free.

A more green world – Objective 50.000 trees
Opportunity sustains actively the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and to our users we give the occasion to transform the virtual actions in a concrete act, helpful for the future of the humanity. Thank you to the project Trees for Water , Opportunity users can convert the virtual GAIN in real trees and for the same they will receive an official certificate (Name of the benefactor – number of trees – place – date) and the possibility to geolocalize the real place where they have been planted.
Discovering the Principality of Monaco
Wanting its users to discover the unique charm of the Principality of Monaco, Opportunity offers Monte-Carlo Invitation gift cards to its community, enabling the discovery of the Monte-Carlo Resort, 'Société des Bains de Mer' and its prestigious venues. Other free prices will be available.

Minimum age
The SBM cards and all the other awards different by the project Plant a Tree are reserved for any person that is over 18 years of age.

Withdrawing Prizes
Through the 'withdraw a prize' function, it will be necessary to confirm:
Choice of price you would like to receive
The chosen presentation terms (sending with acknowledgement of receipt/collect in person or email address for vouchers)

To present a prize with acknowledgement of receipt, it is necessary to provide an address to insure correct delivery. Or they can be withdrawn in person from our Monaco office's reception, from Monday to Friday – 9am until 6pm (apart from bank holidays) with the acknowledgement of receipt. The Card are valid for 12 months from the date of request and shall be sent or available within seven working days, from such date.

Responsibility prizes and rewards
The prizes must be withdrawn from the Principality of Monaco: all withdrawal expenses shall be borne by the applicant/beneficiary (Smaller prices are available for free delivery). Prizes do not include eventual declarations or taxes that could be due at the place of destination or in accordance with the tax regime of the person who receives these prizes.
All registered facilities formalities' and eventual transfer costs shall be exclusively borne by the applicant/beneficiary. Monaco Opportunity Network is not responsible for eventual additional expenses that exceed or that are not included in the amount/value indicated at the time of the prize request/withdrawal.
Once prizes are awarded, they are neither replaceable nor refundable.
In case the prizes, of any kind or nature are shipped, they will transit under the applicant's/beneficiary's full responsibility.
The applicant/beneficiary discharges Monaco Opportunity Network from declarations which are not made, absent or incomplete, procedures and taxes that are not respected or paid to relevant registered facilities or in accordance to the tax regime, and takes responsibility for an inappropriate use of the rewards. Delivery of prizes/rewards is subject to the availability of the awarded prize, in case the prize is unavailable upon withdrawal, it shall be replaced by another prize that has the same value.
Opportunity, giving comunication to the users, reserves the right to modify unilaterally the entire section relevant to the GAIN.

Tacit Exclusions
The following are tacitly excluded from all types of awards:
Every account with automatic RSS feeds portability.
All person who commits discrepancies of any kind or nature, including those linked to subscription, management, publication of data, platform use or Opportunity software.
All person who does not respect Opportunity's Terms and Conditions.